Greetings, Hall of Famers! We have a very special and bittersweet announcement to make.

First let us say that we have had a glorious run, us and you. The group would not have been the amazing place it developed into without each and every one of you contributing your share. From where we sit here in mod-land, we are proud to say that we are proud of you. You read that right: that’s double the pride and, consequently, double the happiness.

However, all good things must come to an end. With the new year at our doorstep, we have come to terms with the fact that continuing to maintain Hall of Fame is simply too much. Real life has taken its toll, claiming its biggest victim to date - the group itself.

Thank you all, young and old, new and veteran, Champions and Trainers. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The past year and a half will forever be etched in our memories, like the grooves on a Pokeball. You are all beautiful people and amazing writers. It has been an honor to service you within our fine establishment.

Keep on shining you crazy diamonds, and may the year of 2014 offer you much prosperity and contentment. And remember— you’ll always have an entry in the Hall of Fame.

- The Mods

dazzlesa sent: ( Elesa's buzzing in! )

We don’t get it. Was that a pun? Were you… were you trying to be funny? Is that what this was? Wow. Just… wow. Elesa, you’re just… wow.

Don’t quit your day job. In fact… better get a part-time job just to make up for this. Go follow everyone on the masterlist.

Volkner’s reservation has expired.

Elesa’s application has been accepted.

Congratulations, Elesa! Your application has been approved. You are one step closer to attaining god-hood. Because of your name. Your Japanese name. Get it? It’s— it’s a pun! Ha. Ha, ha, pretty funny, isn’t it? Get it? Because, kami, and Kamitsure? God? It’s… it’s funny because it’s a play on words. Ahh forget it.

You have until December 10th to finish setting up your blog and getting even CLOSER TO GOD-HOOD AHH THE PUN.

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kyouheckie-deactivated20140103 sent: ((so, where's the party?))

In, your, hair. And everyone’s invited! AHHHHH.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame! Please be sure to follow everyone on the masterlist, but try not to shed too much. Winter is coming.

starsincoming sent: //Mei is up and ready for RP~!

Welcome! Unfortunately, doughnuts are prohibited. Please turn off all doughnuts and leave them at the door.

Also be sure to follow everyone on the masterlist~

Kyouhei’s application has been accepted.

Congratulations, your fluffiness! Your application has been approved. The role is yours. We begin filming in one week.

You have until December 9th to finish setting up your blog and seek stardom as a famous actor.

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Mei’s application has been accepted.

Congratulations, Mei! Your application has been approved. Wow, what a blast from the past, our very own Mei from Pokemon Black and White 2. people sure have forgotten about the old classics ever since XY came out.

You have until December 8th to finish setting up your blog and letting us know through it that you are ready to rumble.

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faitsuu sent: Hello! I'd like to see if I could reserve a character. This blog is my main blog(AspertiaOutlook). I have plenty other blogs but this is the main one I use. I would like to reserve Mei, from Unova. And the date is November 29th, Friday.

Of course you can reserve a character! Characters are free, as in beer! Or are they free as in freedom? Hmmm.

You have until December 6th to submit Mei’s application. That, too, is free, because submitting applications is its own reward.

meanmachinery sent: ( I'd like to reserve Elesa! This is my personal, and the date is 2013-11-28. )

You’d like to reserve Elesa? You’d like to reserve Elesa? You’d LIKE to reserve Elesa?! WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS, A RESTAURANT?

Yeah, sure. You have until December 5th to submit her application.